24 June 2010

To you

In thinking about my successes of the past year I would have to say that most of them rested on the people around me.  Rather than try describe it, I'm going to write a few thank-you notes to anonymous recipients.  Those for whom they are intended, you may or may not recognize yourselves; you thought you were just doing your thing, but to me, you were heroes.

To the motivational speaker: your generosity of spirit and encouragement were constant and genuine.  I was astonished that someone with so much talent and such an unflagging work ethic could be so quick to find value in the efforts of others.  I took your friendship as a high compliment and any insights you had on your work very seriously, and hope to emulate you more and more closely as I grow in my self and in my work.

To the machine: you made me laugh, you irritated the shit out of me, you answered a boatload of questions and you were even right most of the time.  With you I experienced my first blackout, my first drive in snow (not even close to the same month, Mom, don't worry), my first three sleepless nights in a row, and a bunch of other stuff that was a lot less unpleasant than it should have been.  As fun as you are, you were also a bedrock.  When I had to come to you for help, you were steadfast and unquestioning; you offered whatever I needed for as long as I needed it, and it turned out that that - just the offer - was exactly what I needed.  You provided that, and I will always be grateful.

To the artist: you are learning to have confidence in your beautiful spirit and I am so glad.  No one could deserve it more.  For me, you were an escape, a way to enjoy a few minutes in my life at a very confusing time, a beacon of friendship in days and months awash with uncertainty.  You are unique in my life in that you continue to surprise and impress me with unexpected strength and perceptiveness, and remind me in countless ways that though I may feel a thousand years old sometimes, I have so much more to experience of the world.  Thank you for the beauty and friendship you bring to my life.  You enhance it so much more than you will ever know.

To the stargazer: for all that you are, for all that you've said, for all that you've done.  Thank you for everything.  You define the bigness of that word.

To the friend I lost: The best parts of me are the ones that you influenced.  Thanks for sharing yourself with me in the time that you had.  I will always miss you, and I will always love you.

Albert Einstein said, "If I have seen farther than others, it's because I stood on the shoulders of giants."  I dedicate with earnest gratitude my efforts of the coming year to you.  I will work harder; I will be more confident; I will have more faith.  I will do these things, but if I kick ass it will be because you've been a part of it.

To you.

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