29 March 2010

Correspondence: Cosmo edition

Dear Library, 
Can we talk?  Let's talk.  About your clothes, and your complexion; your general appearance, gentle Library, must be addressed.  We are not being superficial; we are simply considering the entirety of your impact.

Let's talk about your skin first; your complexion is thus far unclear.  

What sort of palette do we have?  Let's think.  There's the naturals - stone, wood, limestone (which would be locally quarried, what could be earth-friendlier?).  There's the industrials - metal, glass, concrete.  And there's the synthetics - laminates, plastics, alloys.  All right.  I think we can go ahead and discard this last, at least for your skin; we'll return to it later if we decide to accessorize.  That leaves naturals and industrials.  Considering that the place is urban and modern, considering that this is an up-and-coming funky neighborhood, I think we should also discard strictly naturals.  We can incorporate them; maybe even prominently.  But not exclusively.  Okay, we're making good progress!  Keep thinking.  That leaves a combination of naturals and industrials, or strictly industrials.  I think we should go with the combination.  Although too much natural material leaves a place feeling rustic - absolutely not our intent, gentle Library, I know! - there is also the homey and comforting feelings it evokes when used in appropriate scales and proportions.  So let's keep these in mind.

There is more to discuss on that front, gentle Library, but let us leave this aside for a bit and let it simmer on the back burner, so to speak, as we discuss something else: just how dressed do we want you to be?  This is an issue of how much light to let in; how much visibility to allow, in and out; where to reveal and where to protect.  Oh, dear, gentle Library... I feel a diagram coming on.  All right.  Next step: to make a diagram of the parts of the program that need light and those that must eschew it, and possibly some sense of the gradation between.  It's possible that the sorts of programs in each particular area may then begin to suggest their own coverings.

You've done well, dear Library.  I'll complete this task - it's like a Cosmo quiz, for buildings - and come back to you with more questions soon.  

your architect

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