14 September 2010

Studio smiley face

I probably should have posted this before the mind dump, although in retrospect this is probably even more appropriate.  I wanted to take a moment to register a new approach to the coming year of studio; namely, studio smiley face.  When I was updating my calendar for the coming academic semester and adding in my courses, I filled in the studio block and the mere mention of the word and time slot made my chest heavy, my heart race, my breath erratic.  But - I love architecture!  I love what I'm learning!  I don't want the phenomenon of studio, which has in the past baffled and frustrated me beyond measure, to be this sysiphean effort.

With that in mind, I started crafting an attitude towards studio that more closely approximates my natural inclinations.  I am excited; I am looking forward to the chance to challenge myself and lead myself into uncharted, maybe even scary, waters, remembering that we learn little from our successes and everything from our failures; I am remembering to be grateful for these next two years when my only responsibilities are to explore and learn.

With this kind of foundation, how could the "studio" entry be just that?  So, it isn't.  It is now "Studio! :)"; or, in everyday parlance, studio smiley face.

In closing is an image I ran across a few weeks ago that really seems to drive my feeling towards the studio beast home.

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