22 September 2010

Working Speed

I would like to increase mine.

The last project for studio was a video.  We filmed, filmed, filmed; got into the editing software a little bit so we could put together a draft or two; filmed, filmed, filmed, filmed some more; and then the last evening sat down to the video and audio editing.  I'm pretty happy with the final product; but since we really only took one solid thwack at editing, I wish we'd stopped iterating a couple of days before (okay, I REALLY wish this, but process is not entirely under your control when working in groups), or rather, gone through fewer iterations during the creation process and more during the editing process.

roadrunner chick. obviously.
This is true across the board.  This happened with every project last year, and now this.  I'd like to just stop earlier, but I never have material that I'm happy with until the balls-to-the-wall end; so I'd like to work faster and start editing sooner so that I have a final product that is more carefully crafted than that to which I've accustomed myself.  I have a few colleagues who are very good at this.  I'm not quite sure how to emulate them, but I will be trying.

P.S. Posted this and then realized someone might want to see the abovementioned movie.  Here, in all its world debut glory, is "Corpus Ex Machina".

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