12 September 2011

Corporate Architecture Presents: Corporate Architecture

In contemplating the future of corporate architecture, one must first contemplate the past of corporate architecture.  Well, actually, one must first define corporate architecture.  In the context of this coming studio, it is being defined by five types.  The types are not hard and fast; there is overlap and gray areas between several of them.  (They may not be comprehensive either, but they are a place to start.)  To that end, neither corporate museums, factories, skyscrapers, corporate campuses, nor promotional pavilions are safe from exploration.  The facilities examined reflected the fact that corporations as such are a relatively modern invention.

The pictures below reflect the collective effort.  12 people researched buildings of all types from the past century.  More detailed information to come.

Bob, Katie, and Leann work to pull together over a hundred case studies across five types and eleven decades. 
And they do it with grace.

Bob can even make reaching for pushpins look cool.

This is how the rest of us helped: by staying out of the way and admiring their handiwork.

Taxonomies describing nematodae, rapper names, and beer.  Who knew organizational systems could be so broadly accommodating?
A century of corporate architecture.

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