03 September 2011

Make-ready: round 2

I liked the composition of the photos in the previous post, but for various technical reasons (fuzziness, bad light), I chose not to consider them for the application.  The photos below passed all or most of my technical criteria but didn't pass the second round, in which I considered the photos as a set rather than individually.  I wanted the photos to tell a cohesive story formally, compositionally, and with their content, and these - while I like most of them very much in themselves! - stood better alone than as part of a group, or simply weren't as compelling as they needed to be.

Margot: I'm claiming no knowledge in advance of the day you come home and this is missing.  I mean, you know.  If that were to happen.

Compositionally, I couldn't be happier with this photo (though in the final version I would have angled the table a little more steeply and cropped out the magazines).  The colors, the forms, the materials all do the heavy lifting - which, of course, is why I called Margot first.


Leaded glass elements in a house that's already so cool = not fair. Margot's house, spread the love!

I feel like I should read one of these, just so I can be fancy like Margot.

I also feel like everyone should have a corner of photos that make them happy.

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