13 January 2013

Slightly-Less-New Year News

The popular mode of journalism seems to be to use facts to plunge readers into a sort of gleeful self-flagellation. I have a different proposal: what if we take facts as cautionary tales, or even better, optimistic proposals for future action? For example, what if each reader picked up one or two new attitudes - more considered BOGO spending, less insistence on non-local (therefore always in season - therefore not needing to be grown for aesthetics) foods? What if we took the data presented, not as a reason to castigate those that have gone before us, but as a guidepost to the road ahead? 
Up to 50% of all food produced is thrown away”  The Guardian

McDonald’s is fun to hate. Encouraging children to read is fun to get behind. Is that why this announcement feels so weird?
The U.K.’s biggest distributor of children’s books is about to be…McDonald’s”  The Atlantic

Detroit, in all of its beautiful fractured multiplicity, has produced a magnum opus. With good data, input from those on the frontlines, and committed funding for the next five years, these vital and valuable projects finally have a fighting chance instead of being relegated to just a crying shame.
Detroit initiative unveils recommendations for city’s renewal”  Architectural Record

From devastation to devastatingly romantic: I may not be a fan of the Big Apple, but it sure does do Valentine’s Day right.
Time Square’s heart-shaped Valentine’s Day boardwalk will be made from Hurricane Sandy debris”  Inhabitat

I’m having a visceral reaction to this particular piece by my all-time favorite food writer. I’d like to think it’s more than that it’s essentially a love letter to potatoes, my favorite food.
Culinary ennui: Garlic and parmesan bread”  Vanilla Garlic

The leap from concept to creation is rarely as elegantly executed as this exhibition. This elevates the already-exquisite tradition of Japanese textile exhibits.
Akio Hirata’s exhibition of hats by Nendo”   Design Daily 

Forget the product: I lust after the tome-saturated space.
Selecta by LEMA”  Architonic

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